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Useful Tips for Landlords

Landlord Guide

Ensure you maintain your property to a habitable standard and that you replace/repair items when needed. If your tenant feels that you take care of your property they are more likely to treat it in the same way.

Remember, it is your investment therefore it is beneficial for you to maintain it.

Understand the balance of a good landlord. A good landlord knows that they will need to act quickly for their tenant when needed but they will also provide their tenant with the freedom, privacy and enjoyment of their property.

Know about your property and its housing tenure (Entitled/Licensed status for applicants with housing qualifications and Registered status for non-qualified). The more background you can provide the agent with the more they can sell your property during a viewing. This may include the age, boundaries, drainage, gardening obligations, allocated parking and any storage facilities.

Remember, it is your investment.

Additional information such as when the boiler was last serviced, when the chimney was last swept, is there a water filtration system to regularly maintain, who delivers oil to the property and any preferred local companies to use for continuity would also be very useful.

Where the term is a rolling one or a fixed term has come to an end yet the tenant remains, the Law now says that a landlord must give not less than 3 months' written notice yet a tenant must give not less than 1 months' notice. If both parties agree to end the tenancy there is no need to serve notice, but the decision is best covered in writing.

Since 31 October 2014 all leases must be accompanied by a condition report recording the physical condition and state of repair of the premises, to be signed by both parties.

Where deposits are paid, landlords must provide receipts as soon as possible after payment is received. The Residential Tenancy (Deposit Scheme) (Jersey) Regulations 2014 means that any landlord taking a rent deposit must place the deposit monies into the ( scheme within 30 days of the date of the lease. Landlords who fail to lodge and protect the deposit with mydeposits within the 30 Working Day deadline are guilty of an offence and liable for a fine of £2,000.

If an offer is put forward by an agent ensure that you are provided with enough information in order to make an informed decision. This will include exactly who will be residing in the property, their ages, backgrounds, employers, licenses, if they have animals etc.

Once you have signed a lease on a property you are committed to a legally binding contract.

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