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The Sellers’ Guide

The Sellers’ Guide


The very first thing to do is call Livingroom and arrange for a member of our knowledgeable team to visit you in your home for a MARKET APPRAISAL.

In a team of two (to ensure a balanced opinion) our negotiators/valuers offer a highly professional service - providing market advice, tips on presentation and a guide towards what to expect.

Our experienced team of valuers have deep insight and data of ‘actual' sold figures rather than just listing figures which are unproven until sold and should never be relied upon as comparable.

You will then be called within 24 hours of your market appraisal with our carefully considered thoughts on listing price.


With Livingroom, a verbal MARKET APPRAISAL is free and we are happy to arrange the appraisal for a time that suits you.


This is a frequent question we are asked. In essence, we are lucky to have buoyant market activity for most of the year. If we are completely honest, avoid December and January for a few reasons: It’s best to avoid having your property photographed with Christmas decorations up and additional ‘bits and bobs’ around the house. In December, you’re also running the risk of launching a property when you won’t have the full attention of potential buyers with busy family life, parties and a ‘slow down’ mentality to holidays.

January is a great month for valuations and a notable ‘take stock’ month.

Although Spring and Summer are the ideal months to photograph property with gardens/land, you will also be listing your property with the greatest amount of competition. Livingroom only use professional photographers and our difference is that we will do our very best to make your property look special all year round.

In short, don’t worry too much and talk to us for current up-to-the-minute advice, we may have your perfect buyer already registered in the darkest days of February, it simply depends on who is looking.


Now for the difficult bit; How far do you go? What are viewers’ expectations?

Essentially, everyone lives differently and we respect that but there are some core messages to translate.

Photographs. You’re not just cleaning for viewings; you should be cleaning and preparing for photos. The images that we use to promote your property are moments in time captured and seen by thousands of people used to entice them in to the property. Our photographers are professionals but they don’t have a magic wand and they aren’t decorators. Tidying things away ahead of the photography helps them to capture your property in its best mode.

Clean. Whatever the condition of your property, it should be clean. Get the hoover out and be sure to remove all pet hair!

Sense of smell. Sometimes you can lose your sense of smell in your own home and become oblivious. Pet smells for instance are a big negative for purchasers; we have even seen viewers leave properties because of the way they smell. Make sure you air your home prior to viewings and avoid cooking a fragrant curry the night before! A good tip is to move cat litter trays and dog beds to an outside space such as a shed or garage.

Simplify. Clear away some personal items to allow the viewer the opportunity to imagine themselves in your home - just don’t strip the life out of your home, some people go too far!

View. If your view is a selling point, allow people the opportunity to get to all windows and absorb the aspect.

Light bulb moment. Make sure all light bulbs work, it is a simple remedy. Psychologically, an excess of non-working light bulbs indicates a lack of maintenance or an issue with the electrics - neither are good impressions to make on people!

Temperature control. There is nothing worse than showing a property during the winter that is freezing cold. During a cold spell, adjust your heating timer accordingly and add some heat during the day so viewers can concentrate on the property rather than shivering!

Garden. If you are lucky enough to have a garden or outside area, pressure clean patios and garden walls, mow your lawn and generally add some personal attention to ensure people do not feel that your garden would be difficult to manage.


At Livingroom we pride ourselves on property presentation; so much so we were awarded the highly prized title of ‘World’s Best’ at the International Property Awards. Solely representing the UK at the industry finals against 48 other countries in London, it was proof of our ambition to present your home at a higher standard than our competitors. In an increasingly digital age, your home will be seen by thousands of islanders - why would you settle for poor presentation? We have a dedicated in-house creative team comprising professional photographers, videographers, print/digital designers, licensed drone pilots and PR experts. Quite simply, no other agency in the Channel Islands can offer what we do. We pride ourselves on the standard of design we create and the way we use it to communicate with our clients. Bespoke, targeted marketing, high-quality publications, carefully considered media buying, informative newsletters and 24/7 social media and SEO management - we understand the value of clear communication.

Each house is as individual as its owners so we will consult with you and give our experienced, professional opinion towards the best course of action. A photoshoot can vary in time depending on how large your property is and will only ever be undertaken by our very own professional photographers. Sadly we’re not able to control the weather but we will always make the very best of the moment or, if completely untenable, we will suggest a better time to get the most from your immediate listing.

We will also need to measure and create floor plans.

We like to be forearmed with answers to potential questions from viewers. Our agents will welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and ask for facts and individual details that will ensure we can supply as much information as possible. Answering viewers’ questions puts their minds at ease and allows them to relax in the property and picture themselves living there, the more information you can provide us the better.

Unlike any other agent in the Channel Islands, once you have registered for an online account, you can view your property and ensure you’re happy with your listing before it goes live to the general public.


If the vendor has listened to our advice on market pricing they can expect viewings within a few days from first listing. ‘Ambition’ is one thing but ‘unquantified ambition’ is an entirely different animal in today’s market place. Buyers are savvy - never underestimate their market knowledge and accompanied information provided by property portals.


Essentially this is your call but it is discouraged. Put yourself in the position of the viewer(s), they want to be able to talk openly and if you are in the room this simply will not happen. In our experience, if you do stay home, awkwardness does prevail and the viewing will be approximately 50% shorter than if the agent and viewer(s) are left alone. Think commercially, make the most of the situation and go out - the agent can call you as soon as the viewing is complete.


At Livingroom we are dog lovers but not everyone feels the same way about our four-legged friends. Do not run the risk of worrying or causing anxiety to the viewer. If you’re at work and cannot facilitate taking your dog out talk to our team and we can help you by using additional team members.

If you do have a dog please ensure you have picked up all dog mess prior to the viewing, it is hugely frowned upon and is simple to avoid.

No need to worry about cats but if you have any more unusual pets such as snakes, spiders or rodents you may wish to consider how potential viewers with phobias may feel.

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