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Imitation is the highest form of flattery

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

We pride ourselves on the presentation of our properties and advertising, so much so that we have won some pretty impressive international awards for it.

Our design-based approach stands us apart from all other agents in the Channel Islands and our multi-disciplinary design team (comprising of six creative professionals) is hard to match - especially given our CEO comes from an extensive marketing and design background prior to moving into the property sector.

Since opening in Jersey we’ve been on a learning curve and have been surprised that we have often found the industry to be, for want of a better expression, ‘a bear pit’ of aggressive and unscrupulous behaviour from other estate agents. As an agent with utmost pride, we are here to do one thing - work for our clients to the very best of our ability. What we are not here to do is deal with other agencies’ insecurities, so when we see our images blatantly copied from our website and used on theirs (for a third time) it was time to thank them for their interest in what we do and appreciation of our work!

You’d think they would be bright enough to remove our corporate font from the floor plans or even our drone operator’s car from the imagery but, then again, bears can be quite clumsy!

If you like the quality of our work as much as some of our competitors do then get in touch today and find out how our creative team can help sell your property.

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