Not talking?

Tuesday, 05 May 2020

Just one of Livingroom’s unique selling points is our dedication to communication. If things are strained at home, or homeowners are unable to communicate, Livingroom can help ease the complexity of the situation.

In 2006, we invented TVM to make life better for our vendors and landlords in Jersey. Transparent Vendor Management™ is entirely unique to Livingroom and offers a bespoke award-winning service, where we collate data regarding the transaction in a private, secure, password protected account. Once logged in, each owner can view a timeline of their sale or rental to include file notes, statistics, planned marketing, arrangements and notated honest feedback from every viewing.

So, if you’re not talking we can help. Each beneficial property owner can receive feedback and information at exactly the same time. No favouritism, no Chinese whispers just concise dialogue where all clients are equal.

You won't get this with from any other Jersey estate agent. Call the knowledgeable team on 01534 717100.

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