Tuesday, 01 September 2020

This year seems to be speeding past at an unprecedented (to use the word of the year) pace. Local children have returned to school from their summer break and people are once again readjusting by getting back to their normal routines.

Nice to know then that the property market is offering a constant in this year of uncertainty and change.

With Q2 of 2020 resulting in record-high prices - the average price of a Jersey house during the quarter was £532,000, a 4% increase on Q2 of 2019 – it’s perhaps no surprise to learn that August has continued to be exceptionally busy as the property market continued to enjoy its post-lockdown boom.

Islanders staying put and making the most of a relatively normal Jersey summer will have contributed to this activity, which we expect to continue into September and beyond.

September is always a popular month to sell property as people get back into their routines and, with the market being so busy, it pays to get in touch with an estate agent early if you’re thinking of selling.

Livingroom’s team has grown over the summer in both sales and lettings so we’re ready and waiting to help anyone who’s thinking of buying, selling or letting.

If you’re looking to be part of Jersey’s active property market get in touch with our team today at Livingroom – the Channel Island estate agent.

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