The importance of pricing realistically

Friday, 06 March 2020

One of the biggest, and most dangerous, misconceptions arising from a healthy property market is that it gives you the licence to add another 5-10% to your asking price.

The Jersey property market is certainly healthy at the moment (2019 marked the second consecutive year that the Index increased by 7% and the average property price is now £518,000) but we’re sticking by our tried-and-tested method of pricing properties realistically for our vendors. 


For Livingroom Estate Agents, ‘realistically’ also means fairly. 


Our team has more than 150 years of Channel Island property market experience and uses that expertise to value properties at what they are worth and what will help them to sell. 


The advice we give our vendors is that “today’s buyer is savvy”; they have an acute sense of market value thanks to the data available to them and the ready access to online listings of properties for sale. 


Pricing fairly means that your property won’t hang around on the market for months, which is certainly something that buyers notice, and in our experience means you get an offer closer to what you’re looking for. 


Savvy buyers know when a property has been over-valued and come in with a low offer as a result. The best way to avoid this is to listen to the advice of your estate agent and price your property fairly. 


As the Channel Islands’ award-winning estate agent we want to do the very best for our vendors and the essential piece of advice to price realistically has yielded real results.

The market is healthy and now is a great time to sell, so if you want to know what your property is worth get in touch with our team, who will provide a free valuation, on +44 1534 717100

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