Video Gains

Friday, 29 November 2019

If a picture says a thousand words then what’s the word count of a video?

The online world is rapidly becoming dominated by the medium of video and, as always, Livingroom was the first Channel Island estate agent to embrace the innovation.

While other agencies may use third-party video providers, our services are provided by full-time, in-house creatives best placed to respond to the individual needs of our property portfolio. Harnessing the full power of videography means we can promote property with engaging visuals encompasing photography, design, video production, licensed drone piloting and 3D imaging.

All of these services are provided by our dedicated, in-house team of six, who work across the Channel Islands to capture the best images and videos of the properties on our books.

Livingroom’s founding ethos was to be more than just estate agents with cameras and we’re still true to that today, 13 years down the line in Guernsey and with a year in Jersey under our belts too.

Our creative team consists of Founder, CEO Simon Torode; Brand and BD professional Emy De La Mare; and Creatives Andrew Habin, Tom Coule, Ben Le Marchant and Ollie Stenning.

The team boasts more than 58 years’ experience in the creative industries and provides unrivalled levels of innovation, expertise and originality when marketing properties.

We’ve been using video as a promotional channel for some of our properties since 2017 and have now expanded the service to promote not just specific properties, but the islands’ lifestyle offering as well.

Marketing the islands and their properties locally, nationally and internationally is such a rewarding job and allows us to share our passion for the Channel Islands with the world. Video is the next step in our creative journey and vendors are already seeing the benefit as enquiries stem from video views on our social channels or website.

Video is changing the way estate agents operate and we’re leading the way in the Channel Islands. Get in touch with our team today to learn how we can help you press play on your property sale.

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